What makes Beaut different?

It takes just 1 second

Beaut's mission is to make tipping as seamless and easy as possible. It takes just 2 clicks to send a tip, beat that! As we add more features we'll continue to make sure everything is just a few clicks away.

It doesn't break the bank

Supporting your favourite creators with subscriptions quickly gets expensive. With Beaut you don't have to choose your favourite 2 or 3 people to support. Instead tip as little as 1p to whoever you want.

It's where you need it

Why do we have to stop what we're doing and leave the site we're on to say thanks for the content we enjoy online? Twitch makes it easy with Bits. We're doing the same, but on every site you care about.

How does it work? Take a tour!

Tipping made easy



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