You make the internet

Life online wouldn't be what it is without you. However big or small your contribution, you deserve to be rewarded and to connect with those who support your work.

We make it as easy as possible for your audience to support your work

No longer do you need to maintain and advertise a Patreon profile or include a donation button in your bio. With Beaut tipping you is easy - your audience can support you whilst they're consuming your content.

Tipping by clicking YouTube like button

We integrate with every site you care about

Ok, maybe not yet, but we're getting there. Linking accounts to Beaut is as easy as clicking a few buttons, and once you're linked you can receive support from every corner of the internet.

Beaut profile in the browser

We capture tips for you before you even join Beaut

By intelligently facilitating tips and linking accounts, we were able to capture tips from your supporters before you're even reading this now. So join Beaut and link your existing accounts might just find that you’ve already got some Pebbles waiting for you!

Received tips with Beaut

We're aiming for the moon, just like you

We have more features in the pipeline we're dying to tell you about! Our mission is to make tipping on the internet as easy and engaging as possible.

Rocket ship taking off in a YouTube video

We're all family.

Like a family, we don't have favourites. But we love collaborating with creators from various backgrounds and industries.
Interested in working with Beaut? Get in touch