Tipping online just got easy

Beaut is a free browser extension that lets you tip anyone in 2 clicks without leaving the site you're on. No more hunting for PayPal details or minimum tip quantities. Microtransactions for the win!

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The best way to tip and be tipped

Beaut integrates so seamlessly with all your favourite websites that you barely know we're there. But you're always just two clicks away from sending a tip.

Cross platform, cross planet

One wallet. One interface. Using our virtual currency Pebbles you can tip anyone, on any platform, in any country. It's like Apple Pay for tipping.

Get paid for what you do already

You don't have to be a professional creator to get rewarded with Beaut. Tip comments, tweets, answers and anything inbetween.

It takes 1 minute to join

Install the Beaut extension into your browser and you're good to go. Sign up to see if you've been tipped too! Welcome to the most supportive community on the internet.

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Tipping made easy



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