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Beaut is a free browser extension that allows you to seamlessly tip anyone online. It integrates with the sites you already use and takes 2 clicks to install.
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Zero Distractions
We all hate distractions that take us away from what we really care about. Tip anyone without leaving the page you're on.
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Support Everyone
With Beaut, you can tip a creator or community member before they even have an account. When they sign up to Beaut they get everything you sent to them.
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Beaut works on all the sites you care about most. Join now to become part of the most supportive community on the internet.

How it works

Supporting content on the internet has never been easier. See for yourself...
Image showing the 3 steps it takes to start using Beaut
  1. 1

    Add to Desktop

    Add Beaut to your browser in just 2 clicks, and it's completely free!

  2. 2

    Top up your virtual wallet

    We use a virtual currency called Pebbles to show our support. The people you tip can withdraw Pebbles as real money again.

  3. 3

    Carry on as usual

    When you like a post on a website, we'll show an unobtrusive overlay that lets you support the creator on the fly.

Great Functionality

We're building never before seen features to make tipping more fun, streamlined and interactive. What we have now is just the start...

Invisible until you need it.

Beaut sits patiently in the background without tracking anything you do on the web. See something you like? Support someone in just two clicks.

Tipping with Beaut by just clicking a like button on YouTube.

It's never been so easy.

Top up your account with Pebbles, our virtual currency, and you're good to go, no looking back. A simple user interface keeps your attention on what matters most - the content you care about online.

The Beaut wallet in the browser

Get rewarded for what you do already.

With Beaut you don't need to be a creator to earn Pebbles, our virtual currency. Post a funny comment, answer a question or anything inbetween...you might just brighten someone's day along the way.

Tipping comments and Tweets with Beaut

Scotty, we need more power.

We're on a mission to make tipping on the internet frictionless and engaging. We're starting with all your favourite sites, but soon we'll be everywhere.
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